The Importance of Education

When it comes to ensuring the success of your salon business, on-going education is an essential, never-ending invest...

What is Merchandising and Why is it so Important in Increasing Retail Sales?

Merchandising is a proven, effective way of increasing sales in your salon.  And, all it is requires is forethought, ...

Service Recovery – How to manage complaints

Service Recovery is what we do when things go wrong: How we rescue the situation How we handle complaints How we sat...

4 Steps to Elevating Your Client’s Experience

Q 1. As the wellness sector continues to boom, how can salons place a focus on it throughout the client experience? R...

The Benefits To Having A Highly Motivated Team

Employee Motivation is the level of commitment, energy, innovation and enthusiasm that a salon team demonstrates during the working day.  A highly motivated employee is keen, driven and takes pride in your business and their work.  They accomplish tasks quickly, take action and want to do a great job, both for themselves and for the salon.

Back to the Drawing Board after Summer for Salons!

As Summer draws to a close and we face into the final part of the year, it is a good idea to take a look at your salon with fresh eyes for a new season. Occasionally your salons need a good review to improve your company’s performance and service to your clients.

Happy Staff = Happy Customers!

Most business owners would agree that the key to a salon’s success is an on-going steady stream of happy clients, willing to pay for your services and products, happy to return again and again, plus getting you hot referrals from their friends and families.

From Stylist To Manager – How To Make That Leap

Leading people is vastly different from working as a therapist or being a team member.  If your mentality towards your role doesn’t change significantly, it is unlikely you will be able to lead your team. You need to shift how you think and what you do in order to succeed in your new, very rewarding, but challenging role.

Bad Reviews and Negative Comments

What advice would you give fell professionals who are heavily affected by negative comments? The client may not always be right, but they are always the client!

The Importance of Business Insurance

Small business insurance is a way to protect your business from financial losses like compensation claims, property damage or theft. Your insurance company can tailor your quote and choose from different cover types to meet the needs of you and your salon business.  It is very important to understand the risks your salon could face and to have the comfort of knowing that you won’t be left out of pocket if something unexpected happens.

How to manage the competition!

Competition is healthy because it forces you to innovate, keeping you on your toes, so that you don’t get complacent, and it encourages you to provide the best you possibly can for your clients. But, it can also be frightening and frustrating when you know you are losing out on precious revenue going to other local salon businesses. If you want to grow your market share in your locality, then you must lean into your competitive advantage and get the edge in your area.

Best 18 Habits to have in Salon Business

Bad habits can quickly ruin you, destroy your reputation and wipe out any chances for eventual success, whereas good habits, when persistently applied, can ultimately create monumental success.


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