Case Study: Increase Clientele

OVERVIEW: New 6 room salon in busy town. Salon management having difficulty generating new clients.
BRIEF: To get more customers for a salon business and have salon operating at 70% capacity. ACTION TAKEN:
  • Investigated the 'sales process' and 'client service journey', ensuring that every client had the best experience possible.
  • Made sure the salon pricing strategy was competitive and the service exceptional.
  • Made the most of the website, not just in design terms, but implemented an effective on-line, low-cost internet marketing campaign, with newsletter sign-up, call to action banners, Google pay per click campaign and search engine optimisation.
  • Set up a referral system for clients - trained staff to ask for referrals, tracked and systemised the process and have a reward scheme in place for clients recommending salon.
  • Enrolled salon manager in local networking group.
  1. Satisfied clients who are happy to both return to the salon and to recommend therapists
  2. Appointment columns filled to 80% on a weekly basis
  3. Salon in profit
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