Don't stop making an Effort

Running a salon business is like the old concept of knowing that half of the money you spend on advertising is wasted, but the difficulty is figuring out which half!  The point is, if you can't tell which half, then you have to keep on doing the whole lot, fully aware that not all of it will produce rewards.  Sometimes, it can all seem so unfair - you put in so much effort into all aspects of your business and get nothing back.  Well, you have to keep doing the 100% because we never know which bits will pay off. And, it's not fair, but then, life isn't fair.  Your efforts will be rewarded eventually but you'll probably never know which efforts are being rewarded.
We tend to think we are being lucky sometimes when actually we are just being rewarded for some effort a long time ago that we have forgotten all about.  In business, we have to keep going.  You can't give up on the grounds that you've had a setback or two because you don't know which setbacks are the ones which count and the ones that don't.  Whatever you do, don't lose heart because things don't seem to be panning out.  Only by keeping up the efforts will rewards come in eventually.
Sometimes it's Ok to keep going in business just for the sheer enjoyment of doing what you love.
In my "Salon Owner Troubleshooting CD", I have explained how putting effort and not giving up can help you achieve everything in Life. Simply click on the link HERE and get one for you.
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