Get your team emotionally involved!

As a salon owner, you manage people. 
People who are paid to do a job.  But, if it is 'just a job' to them, you'll never get their best.  If they come to work looking to clock in and clock off and do as little as they can get away with in between, then you're doomed to failure.  On the other hand, if they come to work looking to enjoy themselves, looking to be stretched, challenged, inspired to get involved, then you are in with a big chance of getting the very best from them.  The difficulty is - the jump from drudge to super team is entirely down to you.  It is you that has to inspire them, lead them, motivate them, challenge them and get them emotionally involved.
The good news is that getting a team emotionally involved is easy.  All you have to do is make sure they care about what they are doing.  You have to get them to see the relevance of what they are doing, how it makes an impact on client's lives, how they touch other people's lives by the amazing work they do.  Get them seriously convinced that what they do makes a difference.
Deep down, everyone wants to be valued and to feel useful.  All you have to do is reach down far enough and you will find care, feeling, concern, responsibility and involvement.  Drag all of that up, and your team will follow you, without even realizing why.
Before you do this with your team, just check in with yourself - do you believe that what you do makes a positive difference?......
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