Go the Extra Mile for your clients!

Going the extra mile should be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning and the last thing at night!

Everything you do should be the to take service that bit further. Trouble is, clients can be very demanding! They can be difficult, they complain, they expect service above and beyond, they think your entire business should revolve around them, they want money off, free gifts, money back if they are dissatisfied......in fact, who do they think they are?

Let's get very clear here - without customers there is no business. There's also no point to coming to work, buying new brands, or training for the next new and exciting services.

Have I made my point? Now that we realize the importance of customers, we have to think of ways of getting them, keeping them, satisfying them, welcoming them and going the extra mile for them. We don't have to be a pushover, but we do have to be creative in the ways we woo them to use our business over somebody else.

It's a lot cheaper to take care of an existing customer that finding a new one. Keep the customers you've got by taking care of them.

Quick exercise: Think of three ways of going the extra mile for your customers right now.   Liz McKeon "How to double your Retail, Referrals and Rebookings" workshop is the product that goes with this Blog.

Book your seats today and increase your Salon Turnover.  

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