Hiring the Right Person

Hiring the right person is essential. Your business is only as good as your employees and every employee represents a facet of your salon to clients. 

Hiring the wrong candidate will cost you more than just money:

  • Time: managing your team takes time. But, dealing with a ‘poor performing’ employee can take up to 70% more time than a ‘good performing’ team member. When you hire the right people, you can focus on running your business, rather than worrying about whether employees are getting the job done properly.
  • Customer service: by hiring the right person, who respects clients and co-workers, you are cultivating the best customer service experience in you salon. Candidates with excellent interpersonal skills are essential for building your business. A disappointing customer service experience is the number one reason first-time customers or long-standing clients move on.
  • Business growth: attracting the right people can reduce the number of people you’ll need to hire in the future, as candidates who are interested and invested in your business will also be open to growing their role, as your salon matures. Employees who are capable of taking ownership of both their work and their place within your company will help your salon prosper.
  • Team building and morale: salons thrive when team work together towards a common success goal. Bringing in strong team players will contribute to your salon’s culture, just as bringing in the wrong person will disrupt daily operations. Also, replacing a bad hire shortly after they being working with you can cause existing team members to feel unsettled, leading to lower productivity levels.
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