How to Break Up with a Client in a Professional Manner

When you first started your business, it probably felt as though finding clients was all that mattered.

However, as your business grew, you probably came to the realisation that certain client relationships were no longer serving you or your business......and now you’re not sure what to do about this.

Ending certain client relationships is part and parcel of business growth and you need to do it firmly and professionally without hurting any feelings, or your reputation.

1. At what point is it in your best interest to ‘break up’ with a client?
  • They don’t value what you do and often take advantage of it by asking for more than they should or even expecting free services from you.
  • They are dishonest.
  • They don’t communicate well, can be rude or even abusive to you or your team.
2. How can you deliver the news most effectively and avoid any backlash?
  • Give plenty of notice when firing a client. This is important as it shows respect, but also so that the client has time to find a replacement.
  • Remember to be as polite and professional as possible. Even if they were a nightmare to work on, don’t insult them or call their character into question.
  • Make it sound beneficial to the client, even make it sound like an opportunity for them. You can explain that you realise their needs will be better served by another nail salon, and even recommend someone more suitable.
  • Thank them for their business, as this will end your working relationship on good terms and prevent any hard feeling about the situation.
3. What is the best way to break up with a client? Digitally? In person?
  • In person, as you will have a great sense of control and be better positioned to get closure on the situation.
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