One Easy Way to Increase Profits!

Every beauty salon owner is looking for ways to increase the beauty business profits. I'm glad you are committed to excellence and growing your business and decided to help you make the most of it.
Just follow this process step by step and you will DEFINITELY see your beauty business profits growing:
1.  How many clients did you have in your salon/column/spa last week? 2.  Let's say between everyone on your team, 100 clients came into your business last week? 3.  If every client spent an extra €10, would that make a difference to your bottom line?  Yes?  By how much? 4.  Well, if 100 people spent an extra €10, that would be an extra €1,000 last week - would that make your life easier? 5.  And, if that happened every week for a year, how much extra would that make for you and your business? 6.  €52,000, yes, that's correct, and extra €52,000. Now, could you pay yourself first, or pay off that bank loan, or take a holiday or change your car, or invest in new equipment...
For over seven years, I was a professional mystery client shopper.  Every time I did a salon audit, I gave the person I met an opportunity to upsell to me three times and in seven years, I bought one bottle of shampoo!  So, my point is that you are getting the opportunities, but for some reason, you are not converting our enquiries into appointments or retail sales. So, if you want that extra €52,000 + , then all you have to do is figure out how to ask every client to spend an extra €10.  
Take a look at my "3 Day Business Management" course and be sure to achieve your objectives!   Remember, as clients we don't want to be sold to - but we do want to buy!
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