The importance of Consistency

Your team need to know what to expect from you. You MUST be consistent. You have to treat all staff the same and do your work the same.

You must never draw the spotlight of gossip down on yourself. You are the boss - so, you must be honest, reliable and dependable. For example, if you wear your uniform with pride and perfection daily, then suddenly, without warning, you turn up in jeans and a T-shirt, people will be confused.

Likewise, if you do amazing work and one day deliver rubbish services, everyone will think you are blowing it. If you treat staff courteously until one day you shout at everyone, nobody will trust you anymore.

On the other hand, you don't have to be dull or boring. You can be exciting, dynamic, stylish, adventurous, innovative, challenging....just make sure whatever it is you decide to be, you deliver consistent consistently.

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