What's in it for them?

We all want to win. Running a business, at work, winning is good and we don't like to lose. Nobody sets out to be a loser when working with clients in a salon. But, we don't tend to think that if we are going to win then someone else has to  lose. But, it doesn't have to be that way. The smart manager weighs up the circumstances and asks herself 'what is in for them?' If you know what is motivating the other person, you can help to steer the situation and your actions so you get what you want, but they feel they've gotten their needs met also. To work out what others are likely to want or need, take a step back and remain a little detached, so you're looking at the situation as if from the outside. Suddenly, it then stops being you and them, and you will stop thinking that they a need to give way in order for you to win. This is called 'win win' mentality.   The product that correspond with this blog is "3 x Day Management Course", In this popular workshop Liz will help you upgrade your management skill.
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