Make The Most of your business

“Operating a successful salon or spa, is the same as any business, very often you are required to draw upon external expertise. As a consultant, I will provide many guidelines which will prevent the salon/ spa from making expensive mistakes – I will tailor-make my services to suit your specific requirements and concerns, assisting you in achieving overall success”.

Feasibility & Research
Any salon/spa venture begins with a thorough examination and evaluation, leading to a forecast of its viability and potential in the market:

Market research on consumer profiles, demographics and trends

  • Analysis of market competitors
  • Recognition of trends and opportunities
  • Budget overview of projected start-up and operational costs
  • Identification of revenue resources
  • Payroll expenses and staffing forecasts
  • Financial projections and budgets

Products and Services
Sourcing of suppliers with proven success in salon spas, health clubs and retail, through their quality, brand, price and industry placement:

Evaluation of product profitability and their impact on retail sales

  • Maximising opportunities for retail, internet and mail order sales
  • Development of signature treatment
  • Advice on industry software systems

Operational Management
Ongoing management service to ensure the facility continues to exceed guests’ expectations and maximise its potential. Key elements of operational management are:

Introduction of quality management systems and operational procedures

  • Weekly department reports
  • End of month reports for spa operation
  • Establishing performance goals
  • Sourcing new revenue opportunities to increase sales
  • Mystery client reports
  • On-going staff training in all areas

Operating Guidelines
To maximise staff potential, training and systems must be provided in order to achieve high performance and quality service. Helping personnel understand their own department and its place within the entire operation, plus assisting with client’s operations and management issues by providing:

Standard operating procedure manuals

  • Pre-opening training programmes
  • Staff assessment
  • Reviews and operational performance
  • Business objectives
  • Management consulting
  • Day to day management services
  • Client tours
  • Client feedback cards

Recruitment & Training
Having the right team, working to maximum productivity, is key to the overall success of the business. Recruitment services are provided too.

Develop job descriptions and tasks

  • Carry out practical tests and interviews
  • Advice on salary, payroll, commissions, bonus and incentive programs
  • Train and motivate staff
  • Carry out performance reviews

Spa Management Training
Training provided for all managers including marketing, reception, conference and banqueting. Assisting to develop a clear understanding of what a spa is, understanding the client’s expectations, create more repeat business and increase business through capitalising on sales opportunities.

Background to the spa

  • SWOT Analysis
  • The Human Factor and First Impressions
  • The Client Service Journey
  • Selling the Spa

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