Beauty Business Academy

Helping you to attract new clients, sell more products and double your profits in 2 days x 3 months


Beauty Business Expert, Liz McKeon, has been advising salons in the UK and Ireland on how to build their businesses and increase their profits for over 10 years. When Liz ran her own salon, it was the top account in the country, with 80% client retention. 70% of the salon’s turnover came from retail sales.

Liz’s ‘Beauty Business Academy’ brings together, for the first time, her extensive knowledge and experience of what works to grow a profitable business.

Liz’s passion is to share her know-how and practical experience with salon owners to show them how to build profitable and sustainable businesses.

The Beauty Business Academy is for the salon owner and manager who is committed to growing their business and needs to know the most effective way to:

  • Fill the Appointment Book – from existing clients
  • Attract new clients – without spending money on advertising or marketing
  • Recruit and retain great staff who are loyal and motivated
  • Handle the money so that they are always in control of the cashflow
  • Avoid burnout and enjoy running the business!

Liz McKeon has an extraordinary track record in transforming businesses. It is not uncommon for salons to triple their profits in six months of working with her and implementing her strategies.

“We were struggling with how to sell our products. We followed Liz’s advice and by week 12, we were selling 5 times what we had previously.”
Martin Geraghty, Owner, David Martin, Hairdressing Group

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