Over the years I have observed how committed you are to your clients, your staff and your business. In January 2016, I took a leap of faith and relocated my January Goal Setting workshops to this spectacular location, with great success. When or where else would you get the opportunity to totally immerse yourself in your business, network with other like-minded elite industry entrepreneurs, while seriously attending to your own well being?

My leap of faith paid off and this annual, top of the range event, has turned into an industry phenomenon like no other. Join me on my flagship Business Owners Retreat in January 2024 for an intensive, intimate and hands on group coaching experience that will change the way you think about and operate your business forever.


Your office in the sun for a whole week. Located right on the beachfront at Playa Blanca, on the southeast coast of Lanzarote, the resort has spectacular views of the ocean and neighbouring islands and direct access to the white sandy beach Playa Dorada.

Designed in the Colonial Canaries style, with its traditional, picturesque balconies, excellent facilities and faultless service, Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort is a welcoming, five star luxury hotel, conceived to satisfy the most demanding guest by making their stay a unique and unforgettable experience.

January 2024 Retreat is Sold Out.

If you interested in finding out more, I would be delighted to have a call with you. All I need you to do is complete the application form, and I'll be in touch. Liz


Saturday, Day 1 of your best year yet at Business Owners Retreat. Saturday arrive at Arrecife Airport in Lanzarote, where we will have your taxi driver and private transfer to our amazing Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort. I’m in reception waiting for you. You have your time to unpack, and to have a rest after travelling and we meet around 7:30pm, for our welcome talk and a little cocktail and then we have dinner in one of the fabulous restaurants where you will get to know your retreat family for the rest of the week. So that’s Day 1.

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Sunday, Day 2 of your best year yet at Business Owners Retreat. This is a great day to relax and for everyone to get to know each other, and get ready for your workshops from Monday to Friday. A lovely breakfast in the hotel, is followed by a tour of the resort and then a fabulous meditation session in the sun on the beach that combines breath work, aromatherapy, mindfulness, affirmations, sound therapy, wave meditations and even a swim in the sea. After that we have lunch at everyone’s leisure, a drink at the bar then dinner in a really nice Italian restaurant. Everybody is organised and ready to go for our workshops starting tomorrow.

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Monday, Day 3 of your best year yet at Business Owners Retreat. We start the day really early at 7:45am for a sunrise beach mindfulness and meditation session, or you can swim, go to the gym or have a lie in. Most people like to join in with the mindfulness. Next we have a nice breakfast and at last we get into the first of our workshops. For the first day or so we look into what it is that you want for yourself over the coming year. Two workshops sessions finish eventually at 1:30pm, then the all important lunch. Monday afternoon’s super masterclass in the resort Petit Fours which is all about traditional modern versions. We have great fun, lots to taste, even while enjoying an afternoon glass of Cava. Then we have our drinks, and then we go to the Piazza for another fabulous dinner. Then to bed, as everybody is so tired!

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Tuesday, Day 4 of your best year yet at Business Owners Retreat. We start with sunrise beach meditation at 7:45am for an entire hour on the beach, followed by a swim for anybody that wants to go into the sea. Hearty breakfast to get ready for more workshops. We start our Workshops Day 2, we’re still working out what it is that you want to achieve for yourself this year. Workshops, we do our first session from 10:15am until 11:45am We take a little break till so everybody can get out in the sun. Then we have another workshop session, that starts again after 15mins and runs until 1:30pm We go to lunch, and we are spoiled for choice three different restaurants to choose from. In the afternoon we have another masterclass all about the clients experience. It begins way before they enter the salon. And to make sure that you are getting the most out of your salon software. Then we have a little bit of a break. We have a drink every evening around 7:30pm in the bar, and on Tuesday we get to experience traditional Canarian food in the Isla Del Loba Michelin Star restaurant. That started at 8:15pm and didn’t finish until 11:45pm. And everybody was fed and full, and ready for bed. 

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Wednesday, Day 5 of your best year yet at Business Owners Retreat. A nice breakfast and we change it around, and we start in the classroom today with a short mini meditation session for 15 minutes, then we start our workshop at 10:15am And today we really start getting in to your business, and what it is you want to achieve with your business this year. We are busy today, and at 3:00pm we get picked up and driven to the local harbour where our catamaran is waiting for us. We go on our in Search for Dolphins sunset boat trip. We brought our picnic supper with us.

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Thursday, Day 6 of your best year yet at Business Owners Retreat. We have an early start at 7:15am, time for our walk or a swim, then a fabulous breakfast And then we start at 10:00am in our classroom. We have our mini meditation session We start our workshops, continuing to work on your business and your plans for the remainder of the year, to take your business from where it is to where you want to take it. We do our two sessions as normal, and we take a little 15 minute break to get out in the sun and then we finish at 1:30pm. Lovely lunch in a different restaurant. Then we have another afternoon masterclass on Thursday, Let’s get Digital on how to use digital tools to market your business, so a really interesting session from 3:30pm to 7:30pm facilitated by the amazing Alison James. Then I meet everyone for cocktail night at 7:30pm We all have our chats and conversation and a fabulous dinner.

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Friday, Day 7 of your best year yet at Business Owners Retreat. Cannot believe this is the final day in the classroom, you will go home tomorrow. We have our early morning walk, some people prefer a swim in the sea, or a lie-in. Then we have our breakfast. We start with a really special meditation session this morning where you just get to daydream about what it is that you want to happen 15 minutes and up off the floor, and on your chair at your desk and we start our workshops promptly at 10:15am to 1:30pm, little break in between. So nice to get out in the amazing sunshine in the middle of January. It’s our final day so we all have our lunch together, and we have a celebratory cake to say end of workshops. Everybody has their business plans, and is excited about their business to go home with. You will have the afternoon to pack, or to shop and to get ready. We meet for our final drinks, and we have a very special Gala dinner tonight.

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Niamh Godwin Testimonial - Liz McKeon's Business Owners Retreat Lanzarote 2023


"A positively refreshing week: I cried, I laughed and most importantly learned a huge amount of invaluable lessons, some of which I would never have seen on my own. If I have any advice to give anyone thinking of booking, I would say invest in yourself, take some time out and don't worry about being on your own as you won't be..... everyone is in the same boat, yet you leave as a group, feeling positive and ready to take on the year ahead...... Minding yourself is key to success in all aspects of your life, so start with you. Thank you Liz, for everything, Alana xx."

 Alana Miley, The Lash Lounge

 "Sometimes words are not enough when someone has such a dramatic effect on a life. You have a gift and a talent that I will always be grateful to have come across. Lives have ups and downs, but with your teachings, the downs can be managed and with lessons learnt on the retreat, the ups can be celebrated. So, thank you for sharing your talents, gifts and stories. Again, my blank page for the year fills up and I am ready and excited"

 Clare S.

 "Liz is one of the most passionate and motivating leaders I have ever worked with. As a salon owner it can often be lonely at the top, the inspiration she delivers, through her years of experience and knowledge in our industry is like no other. Outstanding information and genuine guidance is offered throughout the retreat, the content is not just read from a script, it's true, it's proven to give results and most of all, it comes from her heart. From attending my first retreat over 5 years ago and continuing to have Liz as my mentor, I've taken my salon to it's maximum potential, utilizing every treatment room, increasing revenue to over treble it's previous turnover, creating a dedicated and passionate team and having the work life balance I only ever dreamed of.I thank Liz for her guidance and support, and even though I've reached where I wanted to be I will continue working with LIz, because you never stop learning and striving for more.''

 Denise Holland, Beautiful Nails Salon

 "Dear Liz, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all your care, attention, guidance and inspiration. I've had a fantastic, life changing week. It has been wonderful, so wonderful that I would have paid double to be here. Look forward to seeing you next year."




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