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Liz McKeon International Salon Business School


In order for your salon to work properly, you must create goals and objectives for your business, so you know what you want to achieve. During the business plan webinar with Liz will help you to clarify these goals, helping you to improve the way you are committed to them in a proper manner.

The main idea behind this is to have great results and a wonderful profit range. With that in mind, creating the business plan is crucial because it will help you avoid problems and make everything simpler and easier in the long run.

Date: Wednesday 1st September
Times: 10 - 12 or 2 - 4



"In a small matter of 2 hours, Liz McKeon resurrected my salon business like a phoenix from the flames! Liz pivoted my business with a very definite plan, divided into different viable departments with income streams that I had not thought of before. Best of all, I left this webinar feeling more optimistic and hopeful for the future. Thank you Liz for that injection of positivity and 360 vision I so badly needed."

Bernie K

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