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”I will never forget that what I learnt from you has changed my salon,
and my life and I can’t ever thank you enough.!” 
 Saran Aherne, Shwe Tanning & Beauty 

Denise Holland

Beautiful Nails & Body Salon West Sussex

"Liz is one of the most passionate and motivating leaders I’ve ever worked with. As a Salon Owner or Manager it can often be lonely at the top, the inspiration she delivers, through her years of experience and knowledge in our industry is like no other.

Outstanding information and genuine advice is offered throughout the course, the content is not just read from a script, it’s true, it’s proven to give results and most of all it comes from her heart.

From attending my first course with Liz over 5 years ago and continuing to have her as my mentor, I’ve taken my salon to its maximum potential, utilizing every treatment room, increasing revenue to over treble its previous turnover, creating a dedicated and passionate team and having the work, life balance that I only ever dreamed of.

I thank Liz for her guidance and support and even though I’ve reached where I wanted to be, I’ll continue working with her because you never stop learning and striving for more"

Dermalogica Team

Dermalogica® Skin Care

"Liz, huge thank you from Dermalogica UK/Ireland for your powerful insights and messages shared at Tribal last week. Managers were inundated with action plans even before the end of the week, so it clearly landed well. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together and deliver it so well."

Beautyrooms Kenmare


"Really appreciate everything you have been doing...

The image Skillnet has been so beneficial for me (and I have fed this back to every person I have spoken to in relation to onward training within the industry) and I've meant to get in touch and let you know that you have been a lifesaver and I've implementing so much of your advice and techniques. The difference in the till at the end of the week has blown my mind... You really are the best in the business.. "

Monica Tolans

No.1 Beauty & Skincare Clinic, Co. Dublin

”Hi Liz, Just a quick note to give you some feedback on our recent training. Firstly all of the girls really enjoyed the training, they were thrilled that I invested the time in them and that I picked YOU to do the training - for them having read about you in so many Beauty Journals, they felt it was a REAL Investment in their careers.

During February our sales figures jumped up by 24% and all the girls beat their targets, in March our Figures jumped by an additional 29% again all of us beating our targets. In total over 2 months that is a 53% increase in sales!!!
So in a nutshell - all is BRILLIANT - Thank you so much!” 

Sinead O'Hora

Beautiful Touch  

"I Just want to thank you for your help over the last few weeks. I'm really excited about my business again. I always feel like I could take on the world after our meetings and I'm looking forward to a more profitable, happier business and a happier life."

Anita's Beauty Center Team

Salon Chain Group

"Thank you so much for not only being a very motivational and inspirational woman, but also caring so much about us as a salon. You can really tell you genuinely want us to succeed and that in itself gives me so much confidence that we can and will thrive!"

"Very interesting and intelligent lady .."

"Thank you, I really enjoyed it and you kept me engaged the whole way through. It’s definitely made me think about the future potential of the salon, which is really exciting."

"Thank you!"

"I’m very happy because I have taken part in her course, it was very helpful for me and very refreshing for a new start. Thank you🙏"

"Thank you for your time and encouragement. Very helpful especially with Covid in mind." "Thank u, she has given me plenty to think about going back to work."

Meghan Barr

Barr Beauty Salon

“Cannot recommend Liz's workshops/seminars enough! Feeling extremely motivated and enthusiastic about the future and look forward  to what I learnt into practice. 5 stars all the way!”

Touchell Thaddeus

La Touché Beauty Salon, Lindfield 

“I cannot recommend Liz enough!! She is simply the best out there for help, guidance and she has so much experience to offer. Everyone needs Liz in their Beauty Business lives!!”

Eva Miller,

Xpert Pro Hair

"Super course yesterday. Liz is brilliant, great tips to improve your business and increase revenue. I will 100% recommend Liz."

Ciara Byrne

Powder Room Hair & Make-Up Salon

"Amazing inspirational lady! Just been to Liz’s successful staffing business seminar .. picked up so many great tips on how to grow my business & feeling motivated to put them into action now. Would highly recommend for business /salon owners !
Thanks Liz" 

Theresa Holt

Saffron Hair

"I am just travelling back from Liz's course on salon management and it's been such an eye opener. I've learned more than I could have imagined I could learn and can't wait to get back to work and put it into practice. Thank you Liz xx"


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