Bad Reviews and Negative Comments

What advice would you give fell professionals who are heavily affected by negative comments?

The client may not always be right, but they are always the client!

Complaints are golden opportunities to:

  • Right the wrong
  • Listen and empathise
  • Rescue the situation
  • Win the client back
  • Improve your service
  • Build long-term relationships
  • Say ‘thank you’

What you shouldn’t do after receiving such comments:

Service recovery is what we do when things go wrong:

How we rescue the situation

How we handle complaints

How we satisfy the dissatisfied client

What action do you take if you receive a bad review or a negative comment online?

Don’t wait for this to happen.

Build a strong brand.

Gather your 5* reviews, so in the unlikely event of getting a negative review, your brand is strong enough to weather the complaint.  Don’t reply in anger or upset.  Stay calm, gather yourself, keep the situation in perspective, get to the root of the issue and respond in a professional and upbeat manner.  Respond in facts, not opinions and never get personal.  If it is a genuine complaint, then deal with it.  Learn from it.

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