How to Keep the Right People in Your Business

After you put in the time, effort and investment to hire the best employees possible, you need to retain that talent.  Salary, holidays, perks are high on the list of why those great employees took the job, but they are not reasons enough to keep them in your employment for the long haul.  Job Satisfaction will increase your employee retention rate.  Here are my top 5 strategies you can use to keep the right people in your business:

  1. Always greet people by their name, letting them know that you know and value their contributions to the company. Get their input about rules or changes that need to be made on the salon floor.  Encourage goal setting and let them make their own choices as often as possible.
  2. Make your expectations and goals for the company clear. Be sure you have job descriptions so your employees know what is required of them.  If there are changes that need to be made, don’t expect them to learn that by osmosis:  instead communicate directly, clearly and regularly.  Good employees want to please you, but to do that, they need to know what it is they need to do to make that happen.
  3. Create and open and honest work environment. Give feedback on work performed and be willing to listen, really listen with empathy to the concerns of your employees.  Chance meetings in the staff room where social greetings are exchanged are good, but do not take the place of actually sitting down face-to-face and discussing work related problems.  Always be open and listen to new ideas.  Accept suggestions for problem solving.  Be available and open when your employees ask for guidance.  Never ever let rumors take over – keep your top talent informed about what is happening with the salon.  Whenever there are problems or set-backs, communicate this.
  4. Provide opportunities to grow and learn, letting your employees know there is room for advancement in your salon. Give challenging and stimulating work.  Tap into their passion and allow them to focus their time and energy on exciting projects they can enjoy, as well as the day to day client work.  Always let your team members know what career development plans you may have for them and what opportunities are available for them to grow with the salon.
  5. Recognize and reward good work. Monetary bonuses are always nice, but recognition of a job well done goes a long way to creating good will and loyalty.  Recognition needs to be specific:  “good job” is acceptable, but “good job with that colour correction” is better.  In order to retain talent, you must make them feel appreciated, respected and worthwhile.  Everyone needs to feel their contributions to the business are important.  Feedback and praise must be sincere.


There are 3 categories for motivating people:

  1. Need for Power
  2. Need for Achievement
  3. Need for Relationships

Power People enjoy being in charge.  They have a sense of control over the salon and they enjoy making decisions and stepping up to difficult tasks and responsibilities.

Achievement Motivated People are excited by major goals.  They enjoy working hard towards specific targets and feel a rush of success when they achieve them.  They love having a sense of mission and purpose.

Relationship Motivated People want everyone to get along with everyone else, wanting to be liked and respected.  They dislike and avoid conflict.  They are the glue that keeps the team together, they mediate, making sure everyone is comfortable and happy.


“We are all only as good as the people around us, so surround yourself with the best”!

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