How to make the pennies become the pounds……..small gains can make big changes to your bottom line!

Every salon owner is looking for ways to increase turnover and profits.  Consider the following equation:

  1. How many clients visit your salon on an average week?
  2. Let’s say between everyone on your team, 100 clients visited your business.
  3. If every one of those clients spent just an extra £10, that would generate an extra £1000!
  4. And, if that happened every week for one year, that is an extra £52,000 added to your bottom line!

Therein lies the power of ‘Upselling’ and ‘Cross Selling’, both of which are possibly an untapped resource in your salon. Upselling is “to persuade a client to buy something additional or more expensive”. For example, if a client asks to purchase a shampoo, suggest she also purchases a conditioner.  Cross selling is “to sell a different product or service to an existing client”. For example, suggest highlights to a client who only ever comes to your salon for a cut.  These are techniques where you, ‘the seller’, invites the client to purchase more expensive upgrades, or other add-ons to generate more revenue and keep the client excited about all you have to offer. It simply means exposing the client to other options that were perhaps not considered.

Don’t forget about online. By giving your clients the option to add on additional services while they are booking their appointment online, they’ll be much more open to ‘upgrading’. There are times when your clients won’t be able to make it in for a session, but still need your professional advice, online consultations allow you to solve this problem and make extra money by selling homecare items.

Swap the tendency to give discounts and offers to add additional extras instead.  Every client likes to get a little more than they expected. To get started you may need to give your clients a little extra luxury at the same price. If the clients love the result of the bonus service, they are bound to avail of the same service on their next visit and pay for it, providing it is offered to them. For example, you could give away one treatment at the basin and then upsell it to that client going forward. 

With just a little effort you can encourage your clients to spend more on services, invest in retail and visit your business more often. 


Teach your team to upsell and cross sell.

Team 5 Day Sales Training:

Day 1:

Product knowledge – every staff member needs to know every detail about all your services and products.

Day 2:

Don’t oversell – make sure they stop their pitch in enough time to give your clients time and space to make a decision.

Day 3:

Listening – try to find out what the client is asking for.  Beyond that, find out what they need.

Day 4:

Establish rapport & trust – before jumping in to make the upsell or cross sell, establish a relationship.

Day 5:

Role play asking for the sale.

And watch your profits soar!


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