This is not the time to bury your head and be an ostrich!

It would be very easy to adopt a head-down approach to life in your salon business now.  It is harder to remain cheerful, head up.  
Is your glass half empty or half full?
If it seems to be half empty, you might simply need a new approach to your business, as resisting change is futile, only by embracing change can you survive the changes that 2020 is presenting to the salon entrepreneur.
'Head up' is both an affirmation and a physical instruction - you can physically, emotionally, and mentally practice head up!
  • When entering your salon it is 'head up'.
  • When running a team meeting it is 'head up'.
  • When greeting your clients back to your salon, it is 'head up'.
  • When speaking with your team members, it is 'head up'.
At the end of these long and busy days, when you go to bed you can do 'head down' - and go to sleep knowing you've been big, and bright and in control all day.
Remember, nothing is missing:  it's all just changing.
Well done you!
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