Avoiding Special Offers & Managing Salon Staff Wages

Make more money in your beauty salon by enticing staff to sell retail and fill their columns, with encouraging targets and commission structures. Learn how to increase sales in beauty retail!
I recently wrote an article about beauty therapists wages and I was overwhelmed with the amazing response to the content. With that in mind, my next webinar is available and is on the subject of wage rates, commission structures, targets and productivity in the beauty salon.

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This webinar has very practical, easy to implement strategies, assisting you towards a more financially solid business model. In fact, if you want to know the secret to running profitable columns, this webinar is an absolute MUST have. “How can I keep up with other beauty salons offering massive discounts and special offers, without lowering my prices or falling into the same trap?” – This is a question I have been getting asked a lot. To address this issue I have included a section in the webinar on this topic.
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Remember, if you have not watched my first webinar on Salon Christmas Marketing, it is out now and available to order. So far, it has received amazing feedback from beauty salon owners all over the world! Plan and kick-start your Christmas retail and voucher campaign and let December be your most profitable time of this year and the catalyst to a fantastic start to 2015.

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