The Salon Owner Troubleshooting Seminar [4CD Audio Boxset]


Live recording of Liz McKeon’s “Salon Owner Troubleshooting Seminar”, discussing your top 5 business challenges. Watch video for more information.

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With almost 4 hours of content spread over 4 audio CD’s, this live seminar recording covers the top 5 questions that I get asked by Hair and Beauty salon business owners all of the time!

Question 1: How do I get my salons Unique Selling Point across to potential clients?

Question 2: How do I Market my salon and make all treatments profitable?

Question 3: How do I make the most of seasonal holidays and events in my salon?

Question 4: How do I get staff enthusiastic about retail and incentivise them to sell?

Question 5: How do I become an assertive manager and get respect from my team?

“I have learned so much from this seminar. Before this, my salon was struggling with retail sales, rebookings and customer services in general. We have now seen a MASSIVE increase in sales since I have taken on board everything I have learned for Liz. Our customers rebook now and we are so busy compared to this time one year ago. I really can’t put into words on how amazing the impact has been.”Sarah, Shwe Tan