Liz's 10 Steps to Retail Sales [2 CD Audio Boxset]

Best 10 steps to boost retail sales in your salon

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Retail sales can generate a LIMITLESS source of income for your salon. I have a proven track record of achieving 70% of my salons turnover from retail. In this training course I teach you and your team that simple ten step process! (See video below)

Information Video

Disc 1: The background of retail sales (for owners and managers).

Disc 2: 10 Steps to Increasing Retail Sales (Training programme and action plans for salon staff).


“During January our Sales figures jumped up by 24% and all the girls beat their Targets, in February our Figures jumped by an additional 29% again all of us beating our targets.In total over 2 months that is a 53% increase in Sales !!! So in a nut shell – all is BRILLIANT – Thank you so much!” - Rhona, Salon Owner


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