How Can I Get The Most From My Visit To A Trade Show

For most of us attending a trade show can be exhausting and frustrating. Your eyes ache from the bright lights, your feet hurt from the concrete floors and sometimes you forget who you wanted to meet and what you wanted to research. 

To avoid all of that, here are some survival tips to make the trip to a trade show worthwhile:

  • Do your research and select the best show for business development.

  • Read the promotional material as it arrives. Take advantage of discounts on offer on the day.

  • Create a realistic budget to spend at the show, and stick to it. Consider travel expenses and accommodation, and the expense of being away from your salon for the day.

  • Set up a schedule that allows you to work the show to your best advantage.

  • Spend some time circulating, then target industry leaders and the contact you want to meet.

  • Attend as many seminars as possible.

  • Enter your salon in any relevant competitions.

  • When you catch up with a person you want to meet, ask them to join you outside the hall where it’s quieter to do business.

  • Speak to as many people as you can, it is a great opportunity to network.

  • Rather than carrying around heavy brochures, give your business card to exhibitors and ask them to send you information.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and a jacket with pockets for your business cards.


The most important thing you can do at a trade show is to show up, just being there is the most important thing.

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