How can I Maximise Retail on Summer Products?

Are you letting your clients buy their sun products from pharmacies and department stores? Learn how to increase sales in beauty retail while optimizing the summer market!
Sun Protection is a ‘hot’ category of the cosmetics industry.  But less than 5% of these sales are transacted in spas and beauty salons... Do you educate your clients about the importance of sun protection? According to the National Cancer Institute, 42% of adults don’t use sun protection. So immediately there is an untapped market for you, while offering good salon customer service. Educate your clients; ask them to consider this hard fact – of all cancers, skin cancer is the most common, making sun screens their number one skincare priority.
To Maximise your Summer Retail Product Opportunities
  • Introduce a ‘Holiday Package’ of treatments.  Once a client mentions going on holiday, suggest she books the package.
  • Double check your product knowledge:  know how to use the products, how long they will last, how your brand compares to others, how it can be used in conjunction with other brands, what size the bottles are and know the prices.
  • Train your beauty therapists to retail, when the client comes in for her appointment, introduce her holiday retail requirements.
  • Ask for the retail sale, if you don’t, she will buy the products you have recommended, but from somebody else...
  • Change your window/ retail displays and merchandising for the summer months, making sun products very prominent.
  • Use your product information; educate your clients, highlighting the unique selling points of your brand.
  • Run a competition, for example, whoever sells the most number of sun products over the summer months gets the prize.
And most important: stay focused, Summer Product sales are too good an opportunity to miss!   BOOK your tickets to my upcoming Retail Workshop in November by clicking on Ticket.
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