Make the Most of Christmas!

NOW is the time to plan your beauty salon’s Christmas trade. Get ready to boost your sales, enjoy the party season, and look forward to a healthy start to the next year.
Do you want to know how to attract more customers to your beauty salon this Christmas season? Use the elements that captivate the senses of passers by: make them stop, come in and shop.  Music and movement are traditional attention getters, but aroma can be an overlooked resource to assist shoppers to part with their money in your salon. Sound, smells and visual merchandise will get attention where a pretty, but static and ordinary display may go unnoticed and may not give your salon that competitive advantage. The Christmas Season is always an opportune time of the year to make some profit for your beauty salon or spa and to increase beauty retail sales. Selling gift vouchers or gift cards is a great way to keep clients coming back and stay busy after the holiday season. Gift vouchers can prompt multiple appointments because the voucher has already been paid for. 
5 easy ways to increase your Christmas Voucher Sales
  • Place gift vouchers around the salon. Use these items as part of the decor, so that clients are aware that gift vouchers are available. Change these items at least once per week to maximize exposure.
  • Send an email newsletter to your database highlighting the benefits of gift vouchers. Announcements about gift voucher availability can help to increase voucher sales and promote your brand. Make sure to time your email distribution appropriately. A ten day lead time before the Christmas rush is a good starting point to help clients begin thinking about giving your vouchers as gifts.
  • Make sure your salon contains information about gift vouchers. Ensure your website is up to date about how easy it is to purchase gift vouchers from you. Provide lots of information about gift voucher availability, highlighting the benefits of giving a gift voucher to your salon.
  • Offer free gift wrapping. Clients and shoppers appreciate this extra touch and this step adds more perceived value to the purchase. Invest in some eye-catching envelopes, decorative ribbon or small gift boxes for your vouchers and turn it into a real ‘gift’.
  • Include a coupon or offer with purchase. Give the giver a small gift such as a free product, a coupon for a future service they can use for themselves, or a salon voucher with a smaller amount already loaded onto it. Incentives to purchase a gift voucher can boost salon retail sales and encourage more clients to turn to you instead of a competitor when narrowing down the field of choices.
Selling gift vouchers regularly helps to secure your business and help to maintain a healthy cash flow. With the right marketing strategy it can help to promote your brand too. Continue to focus on increasing voucher sales all year round and keep your appointment books full, even during the non-holiday season! 
Make your Website open for Christmas Shopping Business
By early December ensure your website is completely up to date and ready for Christmas shoppers. On the home page, actively promote gift sets and vouchers. Make it EASY and SIMPLE to order on line. Whether you are selling on line or just in salon, or both, concentrate your salon marketing and selling efforts on the first five and third five days of the month. Most people get paid on the last day of the month or on the 15th and research has found that 64% of people spend the bulk of their discretionary income within the first five days after pay day. Send invoices separately from vouchers or packages. Some online customers will send your products or voucher directly to their recipients. Make sure you don’t mail any product brochures or invoices which list the prices, ruining the gift experience for the person. Instead email the invoice directly to the purchaser. Plan and kick-start your Christmas retail and voucher campaign now, let December be your most profitable time of this year!!  
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