Let's Work Together

Do you have the right team, working together to achieve your business goals?
With the current turbulence within the economy, salons management needs to look at how work is organised in a positive way to help pull through. Different times call for bold and brave thinking. The TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) concept is a very powerful one. When team members work together for the good of all, the good of the salon and its clients, everyone achieves more. Simply put, working together works! Teams are complex machines and it’s not surprising that they malfunction occasionally or need re-alignment or team-building. For your salon team to work effectively, you need agreement on exactly what sort of team you are:
  • what are your salon business goals?
  • what is each beauty therapist’s role?
  • who needs to work closely with whom?
Sometimes it’s as simple as learning more about the people you work with, and sometimes it’s more complicated. But the bottom line is, it’s almost impossible to have a financially successful salon without a happy team working together – in other words, it’s less ‘me’ and more ‘we’!
The Positive Aspects of Teamwork
  • Goal orientated:The highest priority for team members is achieving the team’s goals. Does every member of your team know and understand your salon’s financial and business goals? To function effectively, members of a team must be flexible, trust one another, and support every member of the group in its progress towards building a successful salon.
  • Collaboration:Collaboration is a big benefit when team members pull well together. They want the team to shine and be successful: they willingly invest themselves in the team effort.
  • Communication:When beauty therapists, receptionists and managers have all learned to support and trust one another, they share what they know freely and communication becomes another benefit. The way people communicate with one another - both in words and nonverbal clues - reflects how they feel about working with one another, but it also builds the team’s effectiveness. Excellent communication is conducive to staff working productively without misunderstandings.
  • Better decisions:Decisions and solutions are made with everyone generating more options. Group decisions are usually better than what even the brightest person could come up with alone. The entire team learns to pitch in for the highest good of the salon.
  • Quality:There is more concern for achieving quality and accuracy, because beauty therapists feel they are an important and vital part of a team effort In addition, because team members work collaboratively, they ensure that everyone gets what she wants from the team to turn out the best possible treatments and service.
Do you want to offer the best salon customer service, with your clients leaving feeling happy and satisfied? Looking forward to returning and happy to recommend your salon to their friends? Then make sure your team are working effectively. Today, more than ever, it is vital for the success and survival of your salon that all employees work well in a team environment.

“Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success” - Henry Ford

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