Assuring the Quality of your Services

‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten’

 - Gucci Family Slogan
What is Quality?
Quality is the minimum level of service that a business chooses to provide in order to satisfy its target clientele. At the same time, it is the degree of consistency the business can maintain in providing the predetermined level of service. Offer the highest salon customer service to make it your salon’s competitive advantage. Everybody in the business has to believe their livelihood is based on the quality of the product or service they provide.  The manager or owner must be absolutely intolerant of any short cuts, or staff at every level will think and say ‘well, if the boss doesn’t give a damn, why should I?” 
Ask Yourself
  • Do you know what’s happening behind your treatment room doors?
  • Are you continually upgrading your client experiences?
  • Are you getting a high yield of return business?
  • Are your clients sending you hot referrals?
  • Is your average client spending increasing?
  • Do your clients feel they are getting value for money?
  • Can you be assured that you are meeting the ever-increasing demands of your clients?
If your answers are all yes, well done – you have a very high standard of quality control in your business. If you have answered no, or not sure, to some of the questions, then it is time to investigate the quality of your services.
Clients Feedback
Client satisfaction is the end results of good salon customer service. So, how do you know if your clients are happy? The simple answer is: you ask them. Client surveys are an excellent way to define how satisfied your clients are with the quality of your services. Using salon customer feedback by finding out usable information from your clients, you will be able to recognise shortfalls in the way clients are being served, allowing you to foresee problems. The survey is given to clients and asks questions relating to the service they received. It should ask for a rating of the service so you know how (dis)satisfied they were. The rating should also denote what section of the service may have let them down. This is a fantastic way to sort our areas of your quality control and salon customer service that needs revising, training and upgrading. Remember, only the customer and the customer alone, will pay your costs and provide your profits; without customers there is no business, so make it your business to keep them happy!
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