Be Consistent!

The definition of consistency: consistent behaviour or treatment.....evenness, steadiness, stability, regularity, uniformity, orderliness, lack of deviation...... Here's the thing - so many of you tell me that you wish your staff would be more consistent, particularly when it comes to filling their columns, selling retail items and re-booking their clients. However, if you want your team to be consistent in relation to their performance, then guess what? You have to be super consistent. It makes life easier for everybody else if you are consistent. Erratic people are difficult to live with and be around. So are moody people. If your team don't know how you will react to events or suggestions form one day to the next, they will be living on edge and under performing. I'm not suggesting being boring or predictable - your ideas, activities and enthusiasms can be wonderfully unpredictable and fascinating. It's just your behaviour towards team members needs to be reliable and consistent, if that is what you require from them. You have the potential to make people's lives richer, easier and better - or darker and trickier and more exhausting for you. Which do you choose? Join Liz Mckeon's 3 Day Management Course Part 1! For more info. and bookings please click on the link:  
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