The Power of Asking Questions

Questions help people to clarify their thoughts.  Questions help to clarify the situation.
Questions put people on the spot, which means they have to think, and thinking is always a good thing, because questions demand answers and answers require the situation to be thought through, hopefully to a logical conclusion.
Ask questions gives you time to think and buys you breathing space. Rather than assuming you know the situation, it is preferable to ask a few questions and find out the truth. Then you are better equipped to respond logically, calmly and correctly.
Ask questions of yourself constantly. Ask why you think you're right, or wrong.  Ask yourself why you are doing certain things, what you want from others or why you are following a particular course of action.  Develop the habit of questioning yourself firmly and rigorously because there may not be anybody else to do this for you.  Everybody needs to do this, as it keeps us from assuming we know what is best for us.
But, remember there is also a time to stop asking questions, both of others and of yourself.
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