The Power of Positive People

If you want to be successful in business, there are two types of people you can surround yourself with.
Firstly, there are those who lift you up, are positive about life and business, have energy and enthusiasm, walk their walk and generally make you feel great when they are around you.
Secondly, there are the moaners who bring you down to their level of inactivity, and it is very difficult to make things happen in your business, if you surround yourself with the moaners.
Surround yourself with and employ positive, enthusiastic and smart people.   
Take a look at your team.  Which individuals can you honestly say make you:
Feel excited to see them?
Make you rise to every challenge?
Make you laugh, smile and feel great about yourself?
Support you and your business?
Come to you with new ideas and suggestions for your business?
Which individuals make you:
Feel almost depressed after you've seen them?
Make you feel undermined, angry or criticized?
Feel you aren't being taken seriously?
Feel like to can't achieve your business goals?
Is it easier to achieve your vision for your business by employing the first group?  If so, do what you have to do! ...
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