Move out of your Comfort Zone

Very often, without meaning to, we impose restrictions on ourselves that limit us, hold us back and keep our salon business from growing.
We think we can't do this, that or the other.  Taking the challenge of expanding out of our comfort zone brings us out of ourselves, keeps us learning and growing. Decide to be a little bit brave every day. As a business owner this is vital, because if you become stagnant, then so does your business. Learn to step outside and be challenged, be frightened and be more stimulated. By doing this you feel so good in yourself. On the other hand, if you become too attached to your comfort zone, you will start to shrink. By moving out of your comfort zone regularly, it is so much easier to cope when big challenges arrive on your doorstep. But more than this: expanding your comfort zone makes you feel good about yourself.  It gives you extra confidence, which is always a good thing!
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