Decide about your Boundaries in Business!

Boundaries are the imaginary lines you draw around yourself that no one should cross either physically or emotionally, unless invited in.
If other people in your business cross the lines, blur the boundaries, you are entitled to stand up for yourself and say, 'NO, I won't put up with or take this'
Before you can do this, you have to draw the lines first.  YOU have to know what you will stand for and what you won't.  You have to set boundaries in your own mind before you can expect others to respect them.  The more secure you become with your boundaries, the less power other people will have over you.  The more clearly defined your boundaries, the more you realize that other people's stuff is more to do with them and less to do with you - then you stop taking things so personally.
We are all entitled to basic self-respect.  You cannot expect others to respect you, unless you respect yourself.  You can't respect yourself until you have formed a clear picture of who and what you are.  And, setting boundaries in business is part of this process.  You have to feel important enough to set these lines.  And, once set, you then have to be assertive enough to reinforce them.
Setting personal boundaries has the added advantage of helping you not to feel scared of other people any more.  You now have a very clear idea of what you will put up with and what you won't.  Staff and clients will automatically sense this from you.  Then, as soon as someone crosses the line between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, it gets a lot easier to say, 'NO, I don't want to be treated like this' or 'NO, I don't want to be spoken to like this'.  
Successful people know their worth and don't get messed around.  They are the people who recognise emotional blackmail, people playing games with them or people who are weak or needy, people who dump on others, people who try to put you down to make themselves feel big.
Get those lines drawn around you.......then it becomes so much easier to stay behind them be firm, resolute, strong, assertive and focused on building an even more successful business.
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