Don't Ever Forget your Sense of Humor

When running a salon business we can get so bogged down in the daily struggles. By stopping to let go of things that aren't really that important we can put ourselves back on track.
This is so important.  One of the best ways to do this is through humor - laughing at ourselves, the situations we find ourselves in.  (But, not laughing at others)  Life is for living, there to be enjoyed - not getting ourselves into an unbearable state because someone rang in sick today.  If you ever feel overwhelmed that these situations, then just remember to have a good laugh about it all later.
Laughing at yourself and the situations you find yourself in has a double positive effect.  Firstly, it diffuses tension and helps regain a sense of proportion.  Secondly, it has real mental and physical benefits because laughter releases endorphins, which make you feel better as well as giving you a better perspective on life.  Let's be clear - this isn't about telling jokes all the time.  It's more about being able to see something funny in whatever life throws at us along the way, and there is humor to be found in everything.
If you find running your business is stressful from time to time, then learn to find the funny side of everything because this is the best technique for stress relief, dissolving worry and anxiety.  Try it - you have nothing to lose!
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