The Salon Manager Personal Qualities

"I am thinking of applying for Salon Manager, what personal qualities will I need?"
A good beauty salon manager not only has to have the knowledge and skills. You also must have the right qualities to lead your team to achieve the salon business goals. When enquiring how to manage a beauty salon business, some of The Most Important Management Traits are: 1. Be enthusiastic - have you ever worked for a manager without it?..... 2. Staff will trust a manager who behaves with integrity. 3. Toughness - means being demanding, with high standards, resilient, tenacious and with the aim of being respected, as opposed to popular! 4. Fairness - being impartial, rewarding or penalising performance without having favourites, treat your staff equally, be firm but fair. 5. Warmth - loving what is being done and caring for people. 'Cold fish' people don't make great managers. 6. Be humble, not arrogant! Develop good listening skills, without an ego. 7. Be calmly confident. This all takes a lot of practice, good luck with it!
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