Should Salons be Open 7 Days a Week?

If you are managing a beauty salon, this sounds like a simple question that should have a simple and straightforward answer... But it’s not that easy!
Changing you beauty salon opening hours to 7 days is a big decision. It needs to be looked at from as many different angles as possible. Maybe you are located in a shopping center and have no choice in the matter except to open, maybe you always opened seven days a week and this isn’t an issue for you. But, if opening seven days a week is an option you are considering, both as an opportunity to increase profitability and give your clients greater flexibility.
Questions to Ask Yourself
  • As the owner or manager, how does this impact on your personal time? Everybody needs time off and even if you are not on site, once your business is open, will it be on your mind?
  • Can you get Sunday staff and if so, at what rate? If you are paying Sunday rate, will this change your pricing, or does the business take the hit?
  • What happens when a staff member calls in sick? Do you have other therapists on call or do you have to cover?
  • Will you get the clients all year round on Sundays? Depending on your location, will you have passing trade on Sunday?
  • Is your appointment book full six days a week? If yes, great, you need to open seven days. If no, would it make more sense to increase your profitability by filling the hours you are currently open?
Why not test the water first – run a survey with your clients and find out precisely what the demand is, then open, on a trial basis, for a few hours over a six week period. Gather your facts, was it feasible, did your bottom line increase, did it affect your day off. If the trial period was an all round success, GO FOR IT! If not, stick to six days trading per week.
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