Learn to count to 10!

Every so often a client or staff will say or do something that will really annoy or upset you - but you are not going to lose your temper anymore. Instead, get into the habit of counting to 10 under your breathe while you wait for the feeling of absolute rage to subside. This 10 seconds give you the seconds to regain your composure and calm down. Then you can find an appropriate response. You can use counting to 10 for lots of tricky situations. For example, when someone ask you a question and you're not sure of the answer? Take 10 seconds before you answer. People then start to see you as incredibly wise and thoughtful. Honestly, this extended pause can save you endless trouble. One of my favorite sayings is "silence is the fence around wisdom' - learn to use silence to your advantage!   Learn how to increase you retail sales in just 10 simple steps. Get my '10 steps to retail sales' CD and learn the necessary steps that will increase your salon's retail and thus the turnover.  
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