Manage Meetings Positively!

As the owner or salon manager, staff meetings are a crucial part of your management role.
Handled well, regular team meetings can help get to the bottom of tricky situations, agree actions and build team morale. It is vital that all team members are clear about the purpose of the meeting. An agenda should set out what needs to be accomplished between the start and the end of the meeting. Be clear about what you want to achieve, begin on time and keep a tight rein on proceedings:
  • Make sure staff keep to the agenda, one point at a time.
  • Once a subject has been exhausted, move on.
  • Don't let one person dominate the conversation.
  • Watch out for positive body language that shows people are attentive, engaged and want to have their say.
  • Don't get sidetracked - make sure there is only one discussion at a time.
  • Summarise and restate agreed action points clearly. Wrap up by thanking everyone for their contribution


A Beauty Salon Management Tip: use your meetings to be as effective as possible. To find out if you are managing meetings effectively, and providing strong, structured leadership, answer the following questions:

  1. When do you call a meeting?
    1. First thing in the morning, with everyone expected to attend.
    2. When key issues will be best sorted out face to face with all the relevant people in attendance.
    3. It's usually an ad-hoc, last minute affair.
  2. How do you handle difficult situations that arise in meetings?
    1. I shout loudest.
    2. I try to maintain balance and control.
    3. I'm more your 'passive aggressive' type.
  3. How would you approach a meeting with people from a different culture?
    1. It's my way or the highway.
    2. I'd do some research beforehand to find out some basic guidelines.
    3. I tend to muddle through and keep smiling.
  4. How assertive are you?
    1. Very, but I think I verge on aggressive at times.
    2. Relatively so, I think it's the best way to help others.
    3. Not very - anything for a quiet life.
  5. Are you a decisive person?
    1. Yes, but I can be a bit hasty.
    2. Yes, but I take my time. I try to think through all the options first.
    3. I'm not sure.
  6. How well do your brainstorming sessions work?
    1. They generate lots of ideas, but nothing that sticks.
    2. Well, the key is to harness the creativity of your team.
    3. They're just not my thing. I prefer more structure.
  1 = 1 point, 2 = 2 points, 3 = 3 points
Now add up your scores
6 -8: You don't lack strength or authority - or the ability to get results - but your manner and strong-arm tactics could be preventing you from getting the right result. Through tact, negotiation, and diplomacy you could bring out the best in your team members. Remember the point of a meeting is to interact with others, not just to present your opinion. 9 - 15: You seem to have got it just right, providing leadership from the centre, listening and responding well to the demands of managing a meeting. Don't be afraid to put down the management manual once in a while and exercise you own creativity as well as facilitating others. 15 - 18: Therapists are a problem aren't they? Let your good nature be an asset rather than a burden, by building up your backbone and flexing those key skills that got you the job in the first place.
Take charge of your salon's staff meetings, manage positively and come up with the results that continue to improve both your leadership skills and your business!
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