Are you Converting Enquiries into Euros?

This is a time to be prudent with your salon marketing and advertising spend. If you are investing in expensive advertising, then make sure that every enquiry generated is converted to a booking.
Know your brochure
Everyone who works on reception must have a very good understanding of all salon services. What is involved in each treatment, what products are used, the salon pricing list... Being able to answer any enquiry immediately and accurately installs confidence and creates the image of well-trained, experienced professionals, while offering better beauty salon customer service. You never get a second chance to make a first impression – knowing everything by heart can prove to be a great advantage when speaking to a new enquirer.
All the same rules apply just as well for walk-in enquiries. In many ways this scenario is easier, as you can take advantage of all printed material such as posters, flyers and salon price lists. Demonstrate the products used in the salon and offer a tour of the facility.
Points of difference
  • What makes you different to your competitors? What’s your salon’s competitive advantage?
  • What is your salon or spa's unique selling point?
  • Is it convenient free parking?
  • Maybe it is the exclusive skincare brand used, or it could be that you start every facial with a complimentary skin analysis.
  • Are your services available seven days a week? What are your salon opening hours?
  • Do you have monthly special offers?
Whatever it is, make sure that it is mentioned so that the person enquiring will choose your salon rather than just selecting the cheapest alternative.
Be enthusiastic
Being enthusiastic is a vital ingredient to capturing a person's attention. Being eager to help and keen to explain more than simply answering basic questions gives an immediate positive first impression. It also allows the receptionist the opportunity to add more information into the conversation because the caller is more inclined to be interested. For example, a good receptionist will be able to explain all about your pricing structures, special offers, how experienced your staff are, the awards you salon and staff have won and what the most popular treatments are.
Probe for their specific needs
Clients come to the salon for lots of different reasons. Some just want time out, others want to treat a specific skin concern, yet others just want to look and feel great. By asking why they are requesting a specific service and listening carefully to their answer an experienced receptionist or beauty therapist can respond to the client's specific needs.
Reception training for therapists
Don't assume or take it for granted that everyone who answers your phone will know how to convert enquiries into sales - they won't know unless they are trained. Salon owners spend hard earned euros on various forms of advertising. However, this advertising is only as effective as the ability of the therapists working in the reception role to convert enquiries into bookings. As a simple test, try counting the number of incoming calls to your salon. Then compare this figure with the number of bookings you took in the same week. It might just be the difference that will make you decide to undertake some reception training!
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