Don't just Be a Good Boss, Be a Great Boss!

Do you believe in the "fun at work" company policy? Do you make it happen, or do you discourage it?
Research shows that a workplace that is seen as fun-loving generates enthusiasm, which leads to:
  1. Increased Productivity,
  2. Better Salon Customer Service,
  3. Positive Attitude,
  4. and significantly higher odds that your talented beauty therapists will stay.
Most people want to have some light moments at work. A boring, humorless, too serious work environment could send your star players searching for a better salon/spa to spend the majority of their waking hours. So ask your staff what would make work more fun! 
Funny Makes Money!
Having a happy staff will improve individual creativity, productivity increases, salon clients are more likely to give you repeat business if they can sense great atmosphere, so more money comes in... But, how do you create a bond among therapists in your salon and increase the chances of deepening their loyalty? 
  • Have open meetings on a regular basis: If employees feel they are being heard, they will feel a stronger connection to you and the group. Don’t be afraid of grievances – even if you can’t do anything to fix the problem, people feel better just having the opportunity to talk it out.
  • Encourage group outings: See it as a team activity
  • Give employees time to talk: Managers are often so worried about work not getting done that they discourage personal conversations among beauty therapists – what they don’t seem to understand that these conversations help employees feel connected to each other.
Strong Relationships Are the Key
Connections are a major reason therapists stay in a salon – their link will strengthen yours, and they are more likely to stay. In all honesty, beauty therapists will leave if they don’t like their boss... Even when they are well paid, receive recognition and have a chance to learn and grow. In fact, disliking the boss is one of the top causes of talent loss! Have you ever worked for someone you didn’t like, who treated you badly? Learn to assess whether or not you exhibit those behaviors and how often. Then it’s about trying to change for the better. Think about your behavior:
  • Do you withhold praise?
  • Do you behave badly and give negative feedback?
  • Do you belittle staff in front of others?
  • Do you show favoritism and criticise constantly?
  • Do you nurture ideas and nurture relationships?
We all have off days. For some, it happens when we feel backed into a corner, too stressed or when someone just pushes our buttons. For others, ineffective behaviors have simply become habit. Do you know how your employees view you and how does if affect their job satisfaction? How many therapists have left you for a better boss? You need a clear picture of how you look to others, so get honest feedback somehow. Don’t just be a good salon manager and boss – be an outstanding boss, and your outstanding beauty therapists will stay.
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