Retaining Beauty Therapists

How will you keep your talented committed employees? How will you get them to stay while others may try to entice them away?
You’ve hired the best beauty therapists, they are the heart and soul of your business, your salon’s competitive advantage. You love them because they are critical to your salon’s success. They make your salon the best one for your clients, and offer the best salon customer service they can. They’re the ones you simply cannot afford to lose... and the ones your competitors are trying to steal from you! I quit I’m giving you my notice I’ve found another job Can we talk? If any of the above strike fear in your heart or make your stomach sink, you are not alone. Anyone managing or supervising others reacts with dismay to statements like these, especially when the people saying them are critical to your salon/spa. These beauty therapists are the people who are necessary for the success of your business and your peace of mind. 
Hold on to Your Star Players
Firstly, always remember that thoughtful planning, honest and continuous communication, and basic human respect go a long way with your employees. Have you ever asked your beauty therapists what keeps them in your salon? Have you ever asked what might lure them away? If not, why not? Just asking the question is a retention strategy. Many salon managers say that their time is totally consumed by the business at hand. There is always an urgency to take care of clients, leaving very little time to listen, let alone ask. If you have fallen into this category, you are missing a secret of how to succeed: just ask! Ask each beauty therapist what keeps her working in your salon. Make a note for each person’s answer. Every month, review the notes and ask yourself what you’ve done for that employee that relates to her needs. Here are the most common reasons people stay, listed in order of popularity:
  • Career growth, learning and development
  • Exciting work and challenge
  • Meaningful work
  • Great people
  • Being part of a team
  • Great boss
  • Recognition for work well done
  • Fun at the job
  • Autonomy – having a sense of control over my work
  • Flexibility
  • Fair pay and benefits
  • Inspiring manager
  • Pride in the organisation
  • Great work environment
  • Location
  • Job security
  • Friendly
  • Technology
A good boss who cares about employees will help talented people find these aspects in their work. Outstanding therapists give you and you a salon competitive advantage. Talented beauty therapists are scarce and will continue to be scarce. If you have them working on your team, create a workplace environment that is so productive and fulfilling talented therapists will want to stay.
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