How Much should you be Paying the Beauty Therapists in your Salon?

I know from running my own businesses how difficult it can be to find the right people for your salon. Once you've got the perfect one there's a task to be accomplished - negotiating the beauty therapist salary.
The salary negotiation process is a high anxiety experience for both the employee as well as the employer. While your approach would depend primarily upon the value of the job role and the suitability of the prospective employee for the job role, here are some tips to help make the salary negotiation process smoother for you: Communicate to the employee the general remuneration packages offered by competitors without naming other companies, unless necessary. Be aware about all professional concerns and communicate your policies that are in place to address those concerns. Provide assurance that you can maintain, and in turn cause the other to give promises. Talk about the job, and find out whether the person is worried about money or about the work – a professional would not lose sight of the job and duties associated with it, because everything bears upon the salary package. Remember, the perfunctory clause mouthed in most advertisements is actually true and vital in life 'Salary is no bar for the right candidate' within parameters. Unless the candidate is outstanding, limit yourself within internal salary ranges. Even if the candidate is outstanding don’t deviate much from internal salary ranges. Be clear about the long-terms goals and policies of the company.
Sample Wage Rates for a Beauty Therapist
WAGES Salary negotiation has a great psychological impact on a prospective employee. An employee who joins your organization in a satisfied mood and with a sense of achievement would try to work harder and be more motivated. On the other hand, an employee, on whom you left an impression on the salary table of being a weak, worried, employer, would run at the next opportunity. That’s because they would view you just as a stop-gap employer.  
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