What is your Hair or Beauty Salon Competitive Advantage?

Ever wondered how to make your beauty salon stand out from the crowd? Maybe it's now time to think about what makes you unique!

Salon owners and beauty business professionals spend more time focusing on their local competition than on their own salons.

STOP! Focus on your own business and be the best, by providing the best products and treatments with outstanding salon customer service. For any business to get a competitive advantage they need to have a unique selling point (USP) or proposition that makes their business stand out from their competitors.  

7 Steps for a Unique Selling Point

1. Utilize your biggest benefit, maximize it, and communicate it to your clients. 

If you feel your aftercare service is the unique selling point for your business, tell your clients this and hope they will recommend your business to their colleagues and friends.

2. Providing reasons that make your Hair or Beauty Salon unique creates a sense of urgency and desire for your clients to visit.

3. Find a gap in your local market and fill it.

4. Be specific about your unique selling point - as salon and beauty business owners you need to offer proof on any claim you make about your business.

5. Make sure your unique selling point is precise and to the point - every word needs to have a meaning.

6. Integrate your beauty salon USP into all your salon marketing and advertising e.g. Social Media, business cards, brochures, and every other advertising tool that you use.

7. Deliver on your unique selling proposition. Under promise and over deliver! 

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