Tips for Hair and Beauty Salon Recruitment

Conducting job interviews can be a daunting prospect for a beauty salon owner – but if your small salon business is growing, the chances are that you will need to hold job interviews sooner or later.
The secret to hiring the best beauty therapist or hair stylist for your team starts long before you hold interviews. Choosing a new staff member has to begin with defining what skills and attributes you need in your salon, so make a list of what you need from the perfect candidate – ‘X, Y and Z’ experience and ‘A and B’ qualifications. Then make a list of ‘nice to have’ - good things, but not essential. Use these to write you advertising and job specification for the new position. This will help you attract the right candidates for interviews. Keep in mind your role, as the interviewer, includes both conveying and obtaining information from a candidate that expands on the job application and the CV. It is also a chance for the applicant to gain information about the beauty salon and the position. It can help them to make a decision as to whether to accept the job offer or not. When conducting a salon interview to fill a position in your hair salon or beauty salon there are 4 questions you want answered: 1. Can they do the job? 2. Will my clients like them? 3. Will they fit into my team? 4. Can I manage them? Question one can be answered very simply. Do a quick trade test or practical test to determine the candidates level of skill with certain treatments. The last three questions will require a lot more investigation. On meeting the candidate, take notes on your first impression of them. Take into account their general appearance, their demeanor and even their handshake.
  • How confident are they when they are speaking and do they keep eye contact?
  • How fast do they respond and how precise are their answers?
  • Have they done clear research on your salon before showing up for the interview?
  • Would they be confident sellers and are they able to close the sale?
Areas to focus on in a beauty therapist or hairdresser job interview
  • Why they chose a career in the hair or beauty industry
  • Their knowledge of the area and also retail products e.g (Explain your knowledge in skin care and skin care products)
  • How they keep up with the latest trends in the industry
  • How they will greet clients in your salon
  • How they will ensure that their clients return to your salon
  • The kinds of machines and equipment that they can operate
  • When they are available to work
How to Spot a Great Beauty Therapist or Hair Stylist
  • They smile and have a sense of humour
  • They are naturally friendly and always polite
  • They wear their uniform with pride and perfection
  • They ask the clients what they want and take their budget into consideration
  • They offer an opinion and give a recommendation
  • They always follow-up
  • If they can’t help, they tell the client who can, and most importantly: they ASK for the sale!
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