You won't BELIEVE what this Spa Manager said to me..

Today I got a call from a very excited spa manager, who had recently attended one of my retail sales workshops, with two of her therapists.
I just love when people call me with feedback and great news – therapist no 1, (whose monthly retails sales were in the region of 70 euros per month) sold €500 worth of skincare to a single client and therapist no 2 (who had never sold a retail item) sold €300 to one client literally the day after attending my workshop. And, they are both continuing to retail and rebook way beyond their own and everyone else’s expectations. This is how to increase sales in beauty retail and really shows the IMPORTANCE of sales in a beauty salon. This has made my day to know that by behaving with confidence and clarity, being certain and courageous in asking for the sale, can literally turn a business around, while generating very satisfied clients. What more could you ask for?...
Take a look at my "10 Steps to Retail Sales" training courses and  be sure to increase your sales too!
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