3 Day Management Programme

Are you a Salon Owner or Manager looking to upskill within your management role, or train a team member to become an outstanding manager?

Or are you a senior Therapist/Stylist wanting to become management ready?

Then this 3 day interactive and practical programme is for you!

I have written this programme, because from all the 1,000’s of salons and spas that I have worked with, people management tends to be one of your biggest daily challenges.

Programme Overview:
  • Team Leadership
  • Communication for Management
  • Time Management
  • Sales Training for happy clients and highly motivated staff
  • Agendas for staff and management meetings
  • Managing day to day operations

Day 1, Leadership and Communication:

Day 1 is all about YOU!

  1. Lets clarify your job description
  2. The Management Cycle
  3. Key Managerial Roles
  4. Leadership and identifying your leadership style
  5. The importance of becoming highly effective at motivating yourself and your team
  6. How to improve team motivation
  7. Dealing with morale issues
  8. Communication and goal setting
  9. Time Management
  10. TEAM – together everyone achieves more


Day 2, Sales Training for Happy Clients & Highly Motivated Staff:

It is also my observation that very often the manager’s column is the busiest, so day 2 is all about encouraging each team member to be a financial asset within the business, ensuring that each column is run in the most profitable and effective manner.

Day 2 is all about Your team becoming more accountable about their responsibilities!

  1. Identify your ‘Unique Selling Point’
  2. My guide to designing your ‘client service journey’
  3. Exploring the client’s potential
  4. Are you selling a single service or are you selling an experience?
  5. Teaching your team how to fill their columns and retail home care products
  6.  Calculating daily targets
  7. Introducing, implementing and managing daily targets
  8. Induction for new staff members


Day 3, Coaching for Success:

  1. Building your communication toolbox
  2. Identify your top 5 management goals
  3. Staff Training Plan, with particular emphasis on customer services and sales
  4. Your day to day challenges?
  5. Representing your team
  6. Liaising with senior management
  7. Learning to manage day to day operational activities



10 – 4 daily

All training materials provided

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