Get Right People...Keep Right People...

My Top 10 Tips to make sure you GET THE RIGHT PEOPLE and KEEP THE RIGHT PEOPLE.
1. Know exactly what it is you want done and who you want to do it.
2. Be very clear about what you want them to do for you and how much you will pay and what guidelines you will give them.
3. Care about them - they are human and mustn't become a mere tool.
4. Keep them informed and motivated - inspire loyalty.
5. Tell them your long term strategy - they too have a stake in your/their future.
6. If they get it wrong, and they will from time to time, we all do - then correct it and move on.
7. Praise them constantly - nothing inspires more than praise (and of course, money)
8. Set realistic targets and don't expect the impossible.
9. Set a good example - be someone they can respect and look up to.  Set high standards and live up to them yourself.
10. Remember you are the boss, not their friend.  Healthy boundaries are good - try to maintain dignity, distance and authority.
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