Selling is the Bedrock upon which every Fortune is Built

Selling is a vital skill, if you want a successful salon business.
It is literally the bedrock upon which every fortune is built.  Whatever you do to make yourself prosperous will involve selling:  selling ideas to your team, teaching your team to sell, selling your skills, selling your products, selling your ideas.  You cannot make money without selling - selling is where it is at!
The definition of selling is:"the exchange of goods and/or services for money" or "to persuade into accepting an idea".  Selling is the process of reaching an agreement to shift goods and services from the hands of those who provide them into the hands of those who will benefit from them.
There is no necessity to to ever sell your clients a product or service they don't need or want, all we want to do is to make recommendations, encouraging them to purchase from you and not your competition.
High sales = salon success
Low sales = salon failure
Liz Mckeon’s upcoming course 'How to double your Retail, Referrals and Rebookings' correspond to this blog. In this course Liz will share her knowledge on how to increase salon turnover up to 70% through Retail.
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