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What Has Your Website Done for You?

Don’t throw money away on a poorly designed, ineffective website, instead make your website an integral part of your...

The Critical Role of Training

Every beauty salon needs good management. To make all aspects of the business work, it needs to be both profitable an...

How Well are you Managing?

Are you happy with your management skills, or would you like to be a more effective manager? Manager: the person r...

Don't just Be a Good Boss, Be a Great Boss!

Do you believe in the "fun at work" company policy? Do you make it happen, or do you discourage it? Research shows...

Retaining Beauty Therapists

How will you keep your talented committed employees? How will you get them to stay while others may try to entice the...

Maximise Your Merchandising & Increase Beauty Retail Sales

Did you know it? The sales process begins the moment your clients enter the salon or spa, not when you place the prod...

Assuring the Quality of your Services

‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten’  - Gucci Family Slogan What is Quality? Quality is the...

Increase Profitability by Delivering Excellent Salon Customer Service

Customer service involves putting systems in place to maximise your client’s satisfaction with your salon.  It sh...


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